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Arte makina. Larruak eta izurrak

Erakusketa / Exposición

Thursday, May 23rd, 2024

This course proposes an approach to contemporary art that does not ask directly to the work what it is or what it represents. It is rather a matter of looking around it, of approaching the context in which it is produced.

Each month we invite one person to prepare a session related to Tabakalera's contemporary art exhibition, with the aim of generating a kind of collective toolbox that delves into the contents of the exhibitions and activates new ideas and debates about art. If there is one thing about works of art, it is that they are untranslatable. But at the same time we are sure that through them we can come to understand many of the mechanisms of our society. We are interested in challenging the 'I don't understand art' to build a space in which the knowledge of everyone can come into play. Let's put the machine to work.


March 7 Isabel de Naverán (ES)
March 21 Ibon Salvador (EU)
April 25 Amaia Vicente (ES)
May 23 Ana Arsuaga (EU)

Thursday, May 23rd, 2024
Session 18:00
Arte makina. Larruak eta izurrak. Ana Arsuaga (Verde Prato) EU
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