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Cinema for the ears - Non dago Lekeitio?. Ixiar Rozas


Zinea 1

In October and November 2022, over the course of five sessions we invited an artist to verbally comment on the Lekeitioak by Mikel Laboa, more than to elicit academic essays, to learn about the intimate footprints of these sound items. Artists will arrive from different cultural backgrounds and not so well-known, each of them murmuring their Lekeitioa.



DIA                     HORA           INVITAD*                                     LEKEITIOAK                                                                                   

October 16        19:00hr         Ibon RG                                       LEK 10 / Kiromantzidxa (1998)                                            

November 20    19:00hr        Joseba Sarrionaindia & Maialen Lujanbio                LEK 8 / Cherokee (1989)                                             

December 4    19:00hr         Ixiar Rozas                                  LEK 3 / Dialektikaren laudorioa (1971)         

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